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Playlist of Artists we worked with and their releases!

Berapa _ Album Artwork_3000px.jpg

Berapa | Akeem Jahat X Soul Dot

Another release from the collaboration between Soul Dot and Akeem, this song talks about how money moves the world, and how everyone has a price.

Check out the wacky antics of Leo and Akeem.


what are we? | Marian Carmel X Akeem Jahat X Soul Dot

The result of a collaboration between 4 unique individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds, culminating in this R’n’B track that released on 2nd July 2021. The song was written about the ambiguity of relationships at times. Reminiscent of the 2000s' hiphop/R’n’B vibes, this track will hit listeners regardless of their music tastes.

Copy of Soul Dot _ Alone Together Artwor

Alone Together | Soul Dot X Jonan

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we decided to work together with our friend and artist, Jonan, and roped in many of our other partners and singers to lend their voices to this song about solidarity. We enjoyed the process, and had fun piecing together the videos provided from home!


朋友 | Chia Kun Loong X Soul Dot

This is a song written by Kun, Joyce, & Leo, with what started off as an idea to explore friendships through the years, and how some bonds start to fade away, and how we may attempt to reach out again!

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