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A group of friends, with a passion for music, that developed into a professional calling and vision, to help artists and musicians craft their sound and fulfill their dreams.

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After studying Audio Engineering and Music Production at Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music, Leo Goh went on to work in professional studios with Neve, API and SSL boards in studios located about L.A. including The Village, Kingsize, DTLA, Legends, and many others. He also shadowed engineers such as Dennis Herring, Dave Pensado and Barry Rudolph both in recording and mixing.


He has worked with Deidre Powell, Stevie Wonder, and many others, opening for Macy Gray, Hall and Oates, Michael Macdonald and many more. While Leo's forte lies in the contemporary, he also counts film scoring and classical orchestration under his belt, employing versatility to his music and production abilities.

With his rich experience and insights, he can help guide singers to sound the best they can through vocal production, as well as provide guidance on how instruments can enhance the songs in arrangements. He also brings in his audio engineering capabilities in creative, yet critical ways, to ensure that the quality is always at a professional standard, while not forgoing the color and emotions the artist envisions.


He is now grooming a team to take on regional as well as global challenges, expanding on his connections with artists in Hollywood, as well as the Asia region, namely China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan.

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Previously an executive in the accounting sector, Kun ventured into the local gigging and teaching scene with the encouragement of his family and friends. Along the way, he has helped many students find their passion for playing and performing and even pushed them to start writing songs.


During the course of his wedding preparation, he decided to write songs for his fiancée and as he grew up with Leo, received his and Joyce's help in producing a few songs. Since then, the three of them entertained the idea of providing this service for local musicians to elevate the standards, comparable to those of the Hollywood and K-pop scene, as well as to groom future singer-songwriters with quality sound, through their connections.


With his ability to connect to his students regardless of their age, and to always put their interest and enjoyment in learning and expressing themselves, he is constantly striving to encourage his students to write songs and perform covers, in the hopes of raising the next generation of musicians in the current climate where culture appreciation might not be as emphasized. 

Armed with a passion for music, the ability and experience in multiple instruments (guitar, keyboard, drums, percussion, bass, & vocals), and contact with the various local music schools (Yamaha, TravelClef, Opus Management), his knowledge in finance and accounting, he works closely with Leo & Joyce in preparation to put Soul Dot on the global map as a quality production house.

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