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Live Sound for Worship




3 Hours

About the Course

Ever faced humming or noise issues during worship? What about that feedback sound that you just cannot seem to get rid of?

Hey there! We're Soul Dot, a music production studio based in Singapore, formed by a team of engineers that studied and worked at studios in Hollywood!

We have been hearing from some of our friends that being part of the sound team in church can be pretty daunting, with all the knobs, and trying to balance the sound between band members.

This workshop addresses all of that, and more!

We will be addressing Fundamental Sound Theory, Basic Acoustics, Console Basics, after which, we will apply some of the principles at the soundboard, engage in open discussion and go through Q&A and common problems with your sound team!


Leo Goh

Leo has been involved in the music industry both in Singapore as well as the US. Having worked with numerous highly acclaimed studios, producers, and artists, his sounds and insights are essential and crucial to many aspiring musicians.

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