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Introduction to Music Production with BandLab




3 Hours

About the Course

-For those who want to learn how to make music, but don’t know how to start

-Learn how to produce music of different genres with the free but powerful Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Bandlab!

-Use your own PC Notebook/Macbook to utilize the samples and create music from anywhere!

-Learn how to identify production elements and produce your own track!

-Learn how to find samples and edit them to fit your music style

-3 Hours (Saturdays only) (Timeslots if applicable: 10 - 1, 2 - 5)

-Taught by music producers who were based in L.A. and have worked with major studios


Chia Kun Loong

Kun has been an educator for a number of years, and his passion in guiding others in their interest in music has kept him driven, and passionate about imparting the knowledge and fundamentals essential to any beginner's journey.

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