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Basic Production, Recording, Editing and Mixing with Logic Pro X




7.5 Hours

About the Course

BTS, Charlie Puth, ‘Unity’ by TheFatRat, ‘Coffin Dance’ by Music Falcon, these artists and songs would likely ring a bell in your mind.

What is it about these songs that get stuck in our heads? Is it possible to create a beat or music track that sounds similar?

This Music Production course equips YOU with the fundamentals in creating a music track, and potentially ignite the spark of being a music producer or a songwriter!

Learning Objectives:
- Learn how to use BandLab

- Set up a project and input settings

- Create a 16-bar beat utilizing a Drum Beat, a Bass Line, an Accompaniment, and a Melody Top-line, with additional elements as you see fit

- Learn how to find references for your creative process

- Understanding basic music language in terms of melody, harmony and rhythm

- Explore and refine sounds and samples to add layers, depth, and character into songs

- Utilizing BandLab to get started on basic mixing and mastering (the process behind making songs ready for commercial radio)

- Application of knowledge to create Your own beat/track

- Learn to work alongside others for bouncing off ideas as how producers everywhere in the world do so


Leo Goh

Leo has been involved in the music industry both in Singapore as well as the US. Having worked with numerous highly acclaimed studios, producers, and artists, his sounds and insights are essential and crucial to many aspiring musicians.

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